Sunday, August 10, 2008

Meeting a Celebrity in California!!!

Today, Pete and I went down to his brother, John's church for Sunday service (Calvary Chapel San Juan Capistrano). Little did we know it was a devine appointment! The worship was pretty good and the message was good. We really enjoy John's teachings. Afterwards we were standing around talking, trying to figure out who was going where and where to eat lunch when Pete overheard a man with a deep voice introduce himself as Bob. He waited til the man finished talking and called to him as he was walking away, "Are you Bob Millspaugh?" Sure enough, it was! For those of you who haven't heard of him, he is a talented worship leader that plays throughout our house (on the ipod, on the computer, on the stereo) constantly: when we are editing pictures, cooking, cleaning, relaxing! He lead worship for a while at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, lead worship at Calvary Chapel Laguna Niguel, and just recently came back from living in the mountains of Costa Rica working at a church for four years. It was so awesome to meet him and such a blessing to us. He was so down to earth and so encouraging. As a matter of fact, he was blessed by our dorky enthusiasm. He said that lately he was feeling down and uninspired to write. He actually said he felt like we were angels sent to him for encouragement. Us! Angels! He was so cool and easy to talk to and you could just tell how uplifted he was by our excitement. His voice is like none other. He gave us a few c.d.'s which we immediately popped into the c.d. player in the car. If you have a chance, or if you have the time, (you should make the time!) check him out. Here's all his sites where you can listen to him, and below is a video of him singing 'Walk the Line' by Johnny Cash, (don't let that mislead you, he is a full-blown believer of Jesus Christ). Actually, on his oldest c.d. he covers a couple of Johnny Cash songs that were written after he became a believer. Anyways, that meeting made our entire trip. Enjoy his music, it is unbelievable!

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