Saturday, October 31, 2009

High Above The Earth

Oh how we take for granted our very being - living. These lyrics really resonated with me this morning. How big our God is, and how worthy He is of our praise. If you can, listen to the song playing now and praise Jesus for who He is.

Your mercy falls with the rain
Your powers displayed in the wild ocean
Your presence will always remain
Jesus Your love reaches to the heavens
You are God, high above the earth

Angels sing for you,
mountains melt at the sound of Your name
Oceans roar for You, all of creation gives You praise
For You are God high above the earth

Jesus Your all that I need
Here is my life come and take it from me
Jesus you make me complete
With You at my side I can know no boundaries
You are God High above the earth


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another Interesting Speech Video

Today I watched this in my phonological disorders class. This man had his tongue removed due to cancer of the tongue. If you skip every couple minutes you will see how speech therapy has helped his speech become more intelligible (understandable). GO SPEECH PATH. !!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


So the Lord has opened a door for us to move, and we are on October 1st! We are so blessed and excited, and maybe a little nervous, but we have faith that the Lord will bring us through! Here is a little video of a replica of our place! I will post pictures of us all moved in in a couple of weeks!

Also: I had the pleasure of viewing this cute little baby in one of my speech classes today at school. This stage is called variagated babbling: where most mothers are sure their child is verbally asking to "pull the car around front" or "open the refrigerator please" when really they are just experimenting with their sounds and phonemes. But isn't it just so cute to assume they really are making speeches? Here's the video:

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Opening the Right Door

Good news all! I have a new, self-made job! Pete and I were brainstorming the other night, trying to figure out why I couldn't find a job, and what kind of job I would want, if I could have any one I dreamed of. Well, thoughts turned to action when I thought of sign language. I have such a passion for sign language, as noted in previous blogs... and then the wheels started to turn. How can I be involved in the community with sign language, to raise Deaf awareness? I could do story time at the library, free tutoring... no no no. That won't pay the bills. Then it dawned on me, TEACHING SIGN LANGUAGE! But to who? I have no "actual" credentials as a teacher, but as far as I am aware, four years of solid instruction have taught me well. Who could I teach, and be paid for, who would be interested in what I have to offer them? HOMESCHOOLERS! I began to think, "I am more than equip to teach sign language from elementary school through highschool. I have lots of experience with all of these ages from my involvement with youth ministry and children's ministry, I love to teach and see those little light bulbs go on, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE sign language!" So, all this to make a long story short, that's what I will be doing this fall. So what can you do to help? Pray for me and if you want to, spread the word to homeschooling families! Mostly, I am just thankful that the Lord had this for me all along. I was not looking forward to working at a blockbuster or someother "interesting" job. I wanted to make some sort of difference with my work now and not have to wait for a diploma for "them" to trust me to make a difference in the world. Now that's not to say I am done with school. I am still finishing my degree this year, and am still going for the two year certification after that, but now I have a job that applies to everything I have learned from 2005 and on! So pray for God's movement. So far He has already worked out a facility for me to work in, just pray that if He builds this opportunity, they will come! Thank you everyone for all your support through my unemployment, and pray that that is no more! PRAISE JESUS!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sittin' Waitin' Wishin'

For those of you who are wondering what else is happening in our lives, we are currently living with Pete's family still. I am unable to find work after 7 months of searching, and feel that maybe the Lord has shut that door. Perhaps with my rigorous last year of school coming to a head, the Lord is concerned with my time, as am I. Although I need a job, and the income would help greatly, I think the Lord is preparing Pete and I at this time. Not that he wants to hurt us, but I do think he wants us humble, as we have learned to be. In this, it has been tough, I'm not going to lie. It hasn't been all rose buds, but in a different sense, it has been so good for our marriage. Now I'm sure you're wondering how living with the "in-laws" could be good for one's marriage. But it really has, for us we needed to depend on one another. We needed to learn to communicate better, and nothing encourages that more than rough waters. So, we will be living here, unless the Lord moves us elsewhere. I can hear God saying "Well duh. How else were you planning to move?" Haha. Also, we have become very involved with church, and enjoy serving so much. We wouldn't want to cut back on that for reasons of financial gain, when our gain is in heaven! The Lord knows our hearts, He knows what we need. So all to say, I am putting it in His hands! The creator of the earth knows much better than Pete or I. His will is far greater than our dreams could imagine. So in this waiting period we ask for your prayers, we covet them! Although I am encouraged today, I could be feeling rock bottom tomorrow. I ask you to pray for perserverance, and mostly patience. It's a hard road, but as is the road less taken. Thank you to those of you that have already been praying for us, we greatly appreciate it.

The Wife

a short thought.

So this week Pete's family has been out of town in Iowa. We so wish we could have joined them for Pete's Aunt's wedding, but summer school did not permit. Anyways, as anytime they are out of town, it feels like we have our own place again. It is so nice to just do as you please and just be together alone. We really enjoy the solitude and dinners for two. Not to say that don't miss the company, it's just nice to be reminded of our marriage and that we are still newlyweds.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Change Major Change Mind

So this week I have had an epiphany.
I mean, a real epiphany, not just an exciting moment.
I have discovered, what I am humanly made to do.
Drum Roll.
I have discovered this from my current summer course of Sign Language 1. Back in highschool, I took 3 years of sign language and it was like water running through a faucet, easy and meant to be.
Apparently I am a visual person.
Since highschool, I have revolved around several speech pathology environments and have enjoyed the concept of helping other better express themselves through the freedom of speech, that so many of us take for granted. I have always had a heart for helping others and wanting to better other's lives. However, I never really thought through if it were what the Lord wanted for me. Through a few hands on experiences with speech pathology, not to mention a gruelling course load at USF, I have decided that (because I would have to get my masters in Speech Path), I will not only pursue my bachelor's degree in Speech, but I also plan to get (yet another) associates degree in Sign Language Interpreting. This will allow me to pursue a career in interpreting, rather than being forced to get my masters in speech.
Why you ask.
Why go to MORE school, when I will already be able to work in a field I enjoy?
Because I am PASSIONATE about Sign Language and Deaf Culture.
I enjoy the visual language of ASL and the people that I encounter through such knowledge of the language. Deaf people are really a different breed, a group of people I really love. They are passionate in communication because they have no tone of voice to otherwise express themselves. To them, the world is simpler, not that they are simple minded by any means. Let me expain it to you through this recent quote I heard from the movie titled 'Love is Never Silent.'
"I heard silence for the first time Bill. I saw it. The way the sun came through the window, the grain in the wood of the pews, it wasn't silent at all."
Being an artist at heart, I am passionate about the world and its beauty. Hence my connection with the most visual people on the planet, the Deaf.
So, sigh. Lots of typing.
I am going to get my bachelors in Speech and graduate in the Spring, and then get another degree in Sign Lang. Interpreting, in hopes of being nationally certified by 2012.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Vegas or Bust

And so the summer festivities begin. This week has been V.B.S. for our church and it is always awesome to see the glee on such little faces, so excited about Jesus and so excited just to be kids. On a bittersweet note, I took Pete to the airport today for a wedding that he is in this weekend in Las Vegas. It was hard to see him go! I haven't been away from him for more than two nights since we have been married, so give me a break! Anyways, the reason I'm not joining him is because I am, quite unfortunately, still in summer school. I am hoping to visit some family while he is gone to pass the time. Come July 6 ot 7th I am visiting some long-lost family moving to the states from Belize, and can't wait to catch up with them and spend time together while they drive up the coast. As for summer school, I will be finished July 16th and can't wait to seize the day. At the beginning of August we will be joining our highschool group in counseling them for their summer camp, then a wonderfully FREE Phil Wickham concert August 9th (In Clearwater, LOOK IT UP!), and then off to California from the 10th-24th for a much needed vacation (on my part). The summer so far hasn't been a whole lot of fun, and has been blazing hot, but what else is new. Enjoy your barbeques and pools while you can folks!
Signing off,
The Lonesome Blogger Wife

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Still Waiting for The Lord's Timing

This past couple of days have been rough. I (Kendra) have had a 102 fever and have had lots of time to think. Upon couch potato-ing it, I have had a chance to just do nothing and try to sweat out my fever, but have had time to meditate upon the Lord during this time. I've been able to pray more, and just dwell with the Lord and sit at His feet. We learned yesterday, that we will not be moving into the townhouse that we thought we were going to, due to a change in price. Such news was a little upsetting for the already weak and sickly wife, but I have come to accept it with grace, and am at peace with our decision. I know the Lord has a place for us, and although it's hard to comprehend his will, I am confident in His perfect timing. So to those of us out there today who are discouraged, let the Lord guide and He will provide. That's my prayer today.

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Memorable 21st Birthday

I have the sweetest husband on the planet. The morning of my birthday I woke up to french toast and donuts and then was told to pack up for the night. We then headed to the mall where we proceeded to forever21 to pick out a dress for dinner (forever21 ... 21st birthday - he's cute). After picking one out, we got a couple slices of pizza to waste time (for what reason I was unaware of at the time). We then headed to downtown and checked into a FABULOUS hotel - Embassy Suites of Tampa. Our room overlooked all of Harbour Island and Bayshore. It was beautiful. We hung around the awesome 3rd floor pool, had snacks at the manager's reception and then took the trolley to Ybor for dinner. The Spaghetti Warehouse is one of my favorite places to eat in Ybor. It's got an awesome atmosphere with lots of memories there too. We walked around Ybor for a little while then took the trolley back to the hotel for the night. The next day I got to go back to Ybor to spend one of Pete's gifts to me, an Urban Outfitters giftcard, and then we headed home. Relaxing at a pool and hotel for a day really takes it out of you! haha. Then my parents arrived in Brandon and we all (Pete's family and mine) went to JoTo's for dinner. We came back to the house after for presents and cookie-icecream sundays. I am so blessed to have such a loving husband and family who love me so much. Thanks everyone. To see more pictures, visit my facebook:

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

To Grandmother's House We Go

This past Thursday we had a special arrival! Grandma Esther arrived to surprise Emily, our sister, for her 18th birthday. Every knew but her, and it was quite the shock. So far we have had lots of fun and are always so blessed by her presence. She is such a young spirit, and we really enjoy having her visit for her long stays. Sorry California, she'll be here for a few more weeks, then you can have her back!
As for Pete and I, we have been doing great. Still living with his family and saving saving saving. We are hoping to move out in the coming months, and have a couple opportunities. Still praying about it. This week for me is finals week; one down, two to go. Pray for me to manage my time well. I have taken the week off of work to make sure I do.
We pray that you are living in the Lord and seeking his will for your life. We love you all family.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Living in the Lord

This year has been the first year I have decided to read through the bible chronologically. It has been such a blessing. It is still so amazing to me that the Lord knows exactly what I need to hear and when I need to hear it, and this year so far has been such a blessing being fed everyday from Genesis to Revelation. I challenge anyone who hasn't, or hasn't in a while to do the same. It is so refreshing. I am reading Charles Stanley's version, and the commentary is fantastic that is included with each day. I am just so blessed to hear God speak to me so intimately and so personally. Be blessed by His mighty word in your life today.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Currently: Employed

I am currently employed! I (Kendra) have received a formal offer to be a nanny, one day a week from 1-9p. It was totally Christ centered. The woman contacted me, after seeing my ad on craigslist. This, I saw as the first sign for a divine appointment. I have been faithfully (and by faithfully I mean hours out of my day) searching for jobs. With no such luck, I became more determined and, somewhat angry. I felt that employment was my only way to moving out. I let my heart become hard to living with my in-laws. Not necessarily towards them, (although I'm sure it was on some occasions) but to the idea of not being my own family, on our own, self sufficient. Through God's sweet nature, He revealed to me the need for being content in my surroundings. This was very hard for me. I love not just living with my new husband on our own, but the passionate skill of decorating and painting and moving furniture and always changing my home (when I had one). So to not have a place just for us for almost 6 months now (when I set myself up to think it would only be for a short while) was a struggle. However, now being on the other side of this hill, I am thankful to God for his sovereignty and for my stubborness. Without either, I would not be content and would still have a heart of bitterness. All that being said, within days of this new outlook on life, opportunities for employement have been poured upon me. The nanny job will meet most of our financial needs, but to tie things up in a nice pretty bow, I have the opportunity to also meet with a 3 year old girl in need of speech therapy a few hours a week, and also a babysitting job once a week. When it rains it pours, as my mother would say. God is so good! Pete and I are currently praying about where the Lord will lead us to live in the next coming months. We know it importance of saving while we can, but also are praying about the right time to move out and onward. We covet your prayers.
With utmost sincerity,
Kendra Lynne

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Funny Stuff.

Take the time to brighten your day.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Kendi the Job Hunter Finds Success!

This past week I have had three job opportunities! Praise Jesus! I am praying about which, or all, to take. I am capable of all, as long as they don't coincide with one another. At any rate, I am blown away by God's mercies and perfect will.

Numero Uno: Babysitting once a week, when needed. Extra Cash = more junk food! (Just Kidding)
Numero Dos: Speech Therapy for 2 yr. old girl, 3-4 hours a week. Such an opportunity.
Numero Tres: Nannying once a week, 8 hours on Tuesdays. Will pretty much handle our financial gap, if I get this job. I REALLY WANT THIS JOB!

In conclusion, I need all the prayer I can get. Mostly for a peace of mind, if I do get the jobs. That the families will be in safe neighborhoods, and be good people who want to hire a good person like me! (by good I mean morally sound, not perfect). Also, pray for stability. The last job I took I had for a week had my spirit was soaring at the thought of domestic freedom, then CRASH! the job was over. So just PRAY! Details to follow!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Granny Nanny

This weekend I have been in Sarasota taking care of my dear Grandma! At first I was very nervous, it being my responsibility to medicate, nourish, and check on her for three days! But it has been such a blessing. I really enjoy the simple things in life, like playing cards, picking up a few things from the store, and doing dishes in a place of my own. Staying at my parents without them here, and taking after my Grandma has given me a glance into the future of caring for someone I love. Responsibility to her, and just talking to her feels good and it is rewarding. I have never felt so connected to my Grandma, or heard her love pour out upon me so often! Just spending time together has been a real blessing to me. I will truelly be sad to leave, but happy to return to my husband. Being 90 years of age, it was a really sweet time, and I am glad to have taken the time to really make the best of it, and enjoy all that the Lord has had for me this weekend.
Sincerely Sentimental,