Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

So this past Monday was our one year anniversary! Shocking, I know. Where has the time gone? It really does fly the farther you get in life. Children must grow in an instant! This past year has been such a learning experience and so wonderful. It is so awesome to be near to someone you love so much and who loves you so much. We have had many adventures and have learned a lot about one another. For example: I hate when Pete puts his shoes next to the shoe basket, and Pete hates when I stack my books or belongings on any couch, near any ottoman or close to anything where his feet will lay. Ha. Needless to say, I have learned the depth of love so much more this past year and love Pete so much more than just a year ago. I can not wait to experience what our love will be like in 50 years! Enough with the mush. For those of you wondering how the magical date was celebrated, I digress. The weekend started with a drive to Orlando on a "whim" of my husband who had booked a hotel for us for the evening (little did I know). It was beautiful and spontaneous and a whole lot of fun. That night (before our anniversary) we went out to dinner in downtown disney at the rainforest cafe. It was wonderful! We both had massive burgers and had to roll ourselves out of the restaurant. After that we walked around for a bit and got lost on the way back to the hotel, we always seem to get lost - daughter of a mailman, go figure. The next morning we opened gifts (I recieved a gift card to Forever 21, a very cute grey dress that you will see in pictures, and a florida appropriate trench.) I got Pete the new Anberlin CD, (you should really pick it up) a new RVCA hat, an ezekiel shirt, and lots of peanut butter-filled candy. Once that was done, we checked out and spent the remainder of our morning at IKEA complete with breakfast and browsing. We then proceeded to the Orlando Prime Outlets for me to use my giftcard. After that we headed home, relaxed from a long day of shopping, and then went out for a fantastic dinner at Carabba's. We completed the evening with the cutting of our original wedding cake and sharing with family. Here's a few shots. Enjoy, and thanks to all who wished us well!


KDoc said...

WOW Pete - I am THOROUGHLY impressed with the beard! But besides that (and that's A LOT!) I'm really glad you had a great day together. Happy First! Love you both, Mom

Rachel was like.... said...

you guys are so cute. happy first year!!! wahoo! that went by fast.