Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hubby's Birthday!

Yesterday was Pete's 23rd birthday! Of course, it was a little overboard again. But how can you beat a 21st surprise birthday of 30 guests, and a 22nd birthday with a weekend on the beach! So, the weekend began Sunday afternoon and a drive down to Sarasota. We went out for hot wings with my parents and grandma at a local restaraunt Pete loves. After dinnner Pete opened a remote control motorcycle (the closest he might ever get to a real one) and couple cards from my family. After that we headed down to St. Armand's for gelato with a purpose behind it. After walking around for a bit and toodling around in a few galleries, Pete and I ended up "lost" on the way home and rounded the bend at a little hotel on the beach where we had a room for the evening. Since my Dad delivers the mail on the circle, we ended up with a sweet deal. The following morning we enjoyed the luxury of Starbucks and the circle once again then headed to my parent's for a final farewell. After arriving back in Brandon, we hung around, did a little shopping (to get Pete out of the house to make some surprise desserts) and just relaxed. At around 6 o'clock we told Pete to get up and get ready! We were off to yet another surprise - BD's Mongolion Barbeque in Lakeland. The evening was complete with a tin foil Spartan birthday hat, singing from the grillesmen, more singing (frontwards and backwards: they turned around) and Swedish Rice for desert. We were so thankful that the Higgens and Chamblesses could come out to make the dinner and surprise even more special. Once arriving home, Pete opened up his gifts from his family and we played a few boardgames. A long weekend of secrets and surprises, but tons of fun. Happy Birthday Babe! Hope you had as much fun as I did!

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