Saturday, January 24, 2009

Granny Nanny

This weekend I have been in Sarasota taking care of my dear Grandma! At first I was very nervous, it being my responsibility to medicate, nourish, and check on her for three days! But it has been such a blessing. I really enjoy the simple things in life, like playing cards, picking up a few things from the store, and doing dishes in a place of my own. Staying at my parents without them here, and taking after my Grandma has given me a glance into the future of caring for someone I love. Responsibility to her, and just talking to her feels good and it is rewarding. I have never felt so connected to my Grandma, or heard her love pour out upon me so often! Just spending time together has been a real blessing to me. I will truelly be sad to leave, but happy to return to my husband. Being 90 years of age, it was a really sweet time, and I am glad to have taken the time to really make the best of it, and enjoy all that the Lord has had for me this weekend.
Sincerely Sentimental,

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Maranatha said...

Hey Kendra! I would love to follow your blog but I don't see the "follow this blog" link...Any clue why? Anyway, thanks for checking out our blog! I guess I am finally entering this century with FB & Blogging all in one week!