Friday, February 13, 2009

Kendi the Job Hunter Finds Success!

This past week I have had three job opportunities! Praise Jesus! I am praying about which, or all, to take. I am capable of all, as long as they don't coincide with one another. At any rate, I am blown away by God's mercies and perfect will.

Numero Uno: Babysitting once a week, when needed. Extra Cash = more junk food! (Just Kidding)
Numero Dos: Speech Therapy for 2 yr. old girl, 3-4 hours a week. Such an opportunity.
Numero Tres: Nannying once a week, 8 hours on Tuesdays. Will pretty much handle our financial gap, if I get this job. I REALLY WANT THIS JOB!

In conclusion, I need all the prayer I can get. Mostly for a peace of mind, if I do get the jobs. That the families will be in safe neighborhoods, and be good people who want to hire a good person like me! (by good I mean morally sound, not perfect). Also, pray for stability. The last job I took I had for a week had my spirit was soaring at the thought of domestic freedom, then CRASH! the job was over. So just PRAY! Details to follow!

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Rachel was like.... said...

Praying for you! Josh is stuck in a similar situation..except without any job offers yet. if you could keep him in prayer as well we would greatly appreciate it.