Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Currently: Employed

I am currently employed! I (Kendra) have received a formal offer to be a nanny, one day a week from 1-9p. It was totally Christ centered. The woman contacted me, after seeing my ad on craigslist. This, I saw as the first sign for a divine appointment. I have been faithfully (and by faithfully I mean hours out of my day) searching for jobs. With no such luck, I became more determined and, somewhat angry. I felt that employment was my only way to moving out. I let my heart become hard to living with my in-laws. Not necessarily towards them, (although I'm sure it was on some occasions) but to the idea of not being my own family, on our own, self sufficient. Through God's sweet nature, He revealed to me the need for being content in my surroundings. This was very hard for me. I love not just living with my new husband on our own, but the passionate skill of decorating and painting and moving furniture and always changing my home (when I had one). So to not have a place just for us for almost 6 months now (when I set myself up to think it would only be for a short while) was a struggle. However, now being on the other side of this hill, I am thankful to God for his sovereignty and for my stubborness. Without either, I would not be content and would still have a heart of bitterness. All that being said, within days of this new outlook on life, opportunities for employement have been poured upon me. The nanny job will meet most of our financial needs, but to tie things up in a nice pretty bow, I have the opportunity to also meet with a 3 year old girl in need of speech therapy a few hours a week, and also a babysitting job once a week. When it rains it pours, as my mother would say. God is so good! Pete and I are currently praying about where the Lord will lead us to live in the next coming months. We know it importance of saving while we can, but also are praying about the right time to move out and onward. We covet your prayers.
With utmost sincerity,
Kendra Lynne

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