Tuesday, April 28, 2009

To Grandmother's House We Go

This past Thursday we had a special arrival! Grandma Esther arrived to surprise Emily, our sister, for her 18th birthday. Every knew but her, and it was quite the shock. So far we have had lots of fun and are always so blessed by her presence. She is such a young spirit, and we really enjoy having her visit for her long stays. Sorry California, she'll be here for a few more weeks, then you can have her back!
As for Pete and I, we have been doing great. Still living with his family and saving saving saving. We are hoping to move out in the coming months, and have a couple opportunities. Still praying about it. This week for me is finals week; one down, two to go. Pray for me to manage my time well. I have taken the week off of work to make sure I do.
We pray that you are living in the Lord and seeking his will for your life. We love you all family.


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