Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sittin' Waitin' Wishin'

For those of you who are wondering what else is happening in our lives, we are currently living with Pete's family still. I am unable to find work after 7 months of searching, and feel that maybe the Lord has shut that door. Perhaps with my rigorous last year of school coming to a head, the Lord is concerned with my time, as am I. Although I need a job, and the income would help greatly, I think the Lord is preparing Pete and I at this time. Not that he wants to hurt us, but I do think he wants us humble, as we have learned to be. In this, it has been tough, I'm not going to lie. It hasn't been all rose buds, but in a different sense, it has been so good for our marriage. Now I'm sure you're wondering how living with the "in-laws" could be good for one's marriage. But it really has, for us we needed to depend on one another. We needed to learn to communicate better, and nothing encourages that more than rough waters. So, we will be living here, unless the Lord moves us elsewhere. I can hear God saying "Well duh. How else were you planning to move?" Haha. Also, we have become very involved with church, and enjoy serving so much. We wouldn't want to cut back on that for reasons of financial gain, when our gain is in heaven! The Lord knows our hearts, He knows what we need. So all to say, I am putting it in His hands! The creator of the earth knows much better than Pete or I. His will is far greater than our dreams could imagine. So in this waiting period we ask for your prayers, we covet them! Although I am encouraged today, I could be feeling rock bottom tomorrow. I ask you to pray for perserverance, and mostly patience. It's a hard road, but as is the road less taken. Thank you to those of you that have already been praying for us, we greatly appreciate it.

The Wife

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