Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Opening the Right Door

Good news all! I have a new, self-made job! Pete and I were brainstorming the other night, trying to figure out why I couldn't find a job, and what kind of job I would want, if I could have any one I dreamed of. Well, thoughts turned to action when I thought of sign language. I have such a passion for sign language, as noted in previous blogs... and then the wheels started to turn. How can I be involved in the community with sign language, to raise Deaf awareness? I could do story time at the library, free tutoring... no no no. That won't pay the bills. Then it dawned on me, TEACHING SIGN LANGUAGE! But to who? I have no "actual" credentials as a teacher, but as far as I am aware, four years of solid instruction have taught me well. Who could I teach, and be paid for, who would be interested in what I have to offer them? HOMESCHOOLERS! I began to think, "I am more than equip to teach sign language from elementary school through highschool. I have lots of experience with all of these ages from my involvement with youth ministry and children's ministry, I love to teach and see those little light bulbs go on, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE sign language!" So, all this to make a long story short, that's what I will be doing this fall. So what can you do to help? Pray for me and if you want to, spread the word to homeschooling families! Mostly, I am just thankful that the Lord had this for me all along. I was not looking forward to working at a blockbuster or someother "interesting" job. I wanted to make some sort of difference with my work now and not have to wait for a diploma for "them" to trust me to make a difference in the world. Now that's not to say I am done with school. I am still finishing my degree this year, and am still going for the two year certification after that, but now I have a job that applies to everything I have learned from 2005 and on! So pray for God's movement. So far He has already worked out a facility for me to work in, just pray that if He builds this opportunity, they will come! Thank you everyone for all your support through my unemployment, and pray that that is no more! PRAISE JESUS!

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Ben Bradley said...

sweet! i think they used to have sign language at Veritas. you might want to check there. or at class source!