Saturday, June 6, 2009

Still Waiting for The Lord's Timing

This past couple of days have been rough. I (Kendra) have had a 102 fever and have had lots of time to think. Upon couch potato-ing it, I have had a chance to just do nothing and try to sweat out my fever, but have had time to meditate upon the Lord during this time. I've been able to pray more, and just dwell with the Lord and sit at His feet. We learned yesterday, that we will not be moving into the townhouse that we thought we were going to, due to a change in price. Such news was a little upsetting for the already weak and sickly wife, but I have come to accept it with grace, and am at peace with our decision. I know the Lord has a place for us, and although it's hard to comprehend his will, I am confident in His perfect timing. So to those of us out there today who are discouraged, let the Lord guide and He will provide. That's my prayer today.

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Maranatha said...

I am so sorry! I will be praying for you guys & look forward to hearing how God will move.